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Liquid Laminator AquaSeal by Welte®

Liquid Laminator AquaSeal by Welte®

AquaSeal 3300 by Welte® – a successful laminating system has been further developed and is now Made in Germany.

The AquaSeal 3300 laminating system serves to facilitate the even and consistent liquid laminate coating of particularly large printed products. The permanent protective laminate is used in the roll-to-roll process for various rolled materials, such as PVC adhesive films, banners and HGV tarpaulins.  This process offers long-term protection against a wide range of mechanical and environmental influences. Furthermore it is fast, space-efficient and offers dust little opportunity to effect the lamination results. Waste no further time and energy, forget manual liquid coating and pursue a new and commercially successful path with this new laminator technology.

 fast and space saving
 High-performance drying unit
 dust has little opportunity to adversely affect the lamination results
 a Meyer bar mechanism guarantees even laminate application
 intelligent cleaning concept enables quick and easy cleaning of the machine

  • cleaning pan for Meyer bar with frame and wheels – part no. 60329
  • spray nozzle unit for cleaning textiles – part no. 60330
  • Flüssiglaminator AquaSeal 3300 by Welte®
  • Flüssiglaminator AquaSeal by Welte®
  • Lackieranlagen Bürkle und AquaSeal by Welte®
  • welte aqua seal
  • Lackieranlagen Bürkle und AquaSeal by Welte®