UV-Liquid Coating Line

Bürkle UV-Liquid Coating Line 1300/1600 und 2100

Bürkle UV-Liquide Coating Line, including drying unit for coating primer and protection lacquers as well as processing full sized finishings of digital printable media, running through with solvent-free UV-lacquers and direct lacquer hardening with UV-radiation. A maximal plate height of 80mm can be coated steplessly. Suitable for almost all surfaces within digital- and screen printing. High quality surfaces are guaranteed.

 Adjustable UV-power for individual setting up to the different coating requirements
 EVG power supply unit, for a building main fuse of 63 A; The electrical connection will be effected with a Cekon-connector
 Central access for compressed air and electricity for the entire machine
 Siemens Touch Screen

  • Buerkle UV-Lackieranlage Welte
  • Bürkle UV-Lackieranlage Welte Band
  • Bürkle UV-Lackieranlage Welte